This document outlines the rights and obligations of the landlord and tenant regarding the provision of passenger vehicle.

Article 1 – The Company

Carlux & Limousine Services is committed to the provision of clean vehicles Tenant signatory bidders and comfort for the latter.

The Company ensures the confidentiality of all information entrusted by the Tenant.

 Article 2 – The Tenant

The designated driver to the contract must be at least 21 years of age and be in possession of a driving license issued valid for more than 2 years. The minimum age is likely to vary depending on the vehicle category.

Documents required for car rental Carlux Limousine & Services:

* Individual:

– Driving license valid.

– Identity card valid

– Carte Bleue, American Express

* Professional:

– Driving license valid.

– Excerpt from K-Bis order, check or credit card and bank statement of his company.

* Artisan:

– Driving license valid.

– Registration number RC or RM, Bankcard and bank statement.

– The permanent address of the tenant will be verified.

Only drivers named on the rental agreement CARLUX, at the time of hire are permitted to drive the rented vehicle. Whatever the mode of payment, stereo CARLUX reserves the right to make all necessary checks and to consent or not to hire.

Article 3 – Validity Territorial

* Categories « Luxurious and prestige »

Traffic is prohibited abroad without prior authorization from the agency and will invalidate all warranties and insurance.

* Other Categories

CARLUX vehicles in France can cross borders. This facility extends only to the following countries: Germany, Finland, Norway, Austria, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Spain mainland, Luxembourg, Switzerland. Beyond these boundaries, no insurance purchased or included in the package is valid: in case of accident or theft, the customer will be responsible within the limits of the market value of the vehicle.

Article 4 – State Vehicle

Carlux & Limousine Services ensures that the vehicle is in good operating condition, provided the original accessories and possibly optional equipment (baby seats, GPS …) as defined in the Special Conditions of the lease.

However, the Tenant can ensure vehicle condition by conducting a test which can not be greater than 2 kilometers. Exceeding this distance will allow the landlord to consider that the Tenant accepts and considers vehicle in good condition.

The rented vehicle is no apparent damage except those identified and listed on the silhouettes of vehicles listed on the description annexed Special Conditions of the lease, the tires are in good condition and without cracks. In case of damage to a tire for a cause other than normal wear and tear, the tenant agrees to defray the replacement of the latter by a tire of the same brand and even wear, as well as puncture repairs to tires. Similarly, the damage caused to the vehicle wheels are the responsibility of the tenant.

Counters and their decision can not be violated: in case of infringement of this requirement, the tenant must pay the rent on the basis of 500 km / day, regardless of prosecution for fraudulent use. The tenant is responsible for damage other than normal wear and tear undergone by the vehicle for all causes unrelated to the lessor that, especially the freight should not be likely to damage the vehicle both by themselves and by their packaging or stowage. Interior damage of the vehicle caused voluntarily or involuntarily (broken accessories, seats burns by cigarettes, etc ….) are still the responsibility of the tenant even if it endorsed the supplement for reduction of the franchise.

Article 5 – Conduct and Use of Vehicle

The Tenant will assume the custody of the vehicle and control operations and conduct of transport. At risk of being excluded from insurance coverage and thus be in a state of non-insurance, Tenant agrees not to leave the vehicle by persons other than himself or those approved by the lessor and therefore it is the guarantor pursuant to article 1384 of the Civil Code.

It undertakes, furthermore, that the vehicle is not used:

1 – To draw or propel any vehicle or any trailer unless stipulated in the contract.

2 – For a person under the influence of alcohol or narcotic

3 – In competition

4 – To transport passengers for payment, whatever the method of payment chosen

5 – overload the rented vehicle carrying more passengers than allowed, or a load whose weight exceeds the payload of said vehicle in the event of failure to comply with this requirement, the tenant would be responsible for the consequences, whatever their importance.

6 – For a person who has provided the landlord a false identity or age or inaccurate address. It is stated that the vehicle can not be driven only by persons designated in the contract.

7 – To carry dangerous goods (flammable or explosive) which may lead to release or odors. In addition, the tenant may not assign, sell, mortgage or pledge this Agreement, the vehicle, its equipment, its equipment or treat them to prejudice the lessor.

8 – The tenant is subject to all the obligations laws, regulations, customs or laws relating to the carriage of goods it makes using the vehicle provided by the owner, public or private transport, according to the use to which it affects the vehicle . The tenant’s responsibility lasts for the entire period during which the vehicle was made available. The lessee is solely responsible for reporting and payment of duties and taxes on the movement of goods (customs, granting authority, etc ….), expressly reserving the lessor in case he would be implicated, the right to turn to the tenant and ask him full compensation for the damage suffered.

Article 6 – Duration of Rental

The lease is granted for the term of the Special Conditions of the lease. Unless otherwise provided in the Special Conditions of the lease, the minimum rental period is 24 hours. A deductible of 59 additional minutes may be granted beyond, a full day will be charged.

Warning: Lessee must return the vehicle to set dates and times. Exceeding the term of the lease would not be accepted in advance by the Lessor the Lessee may expose to criminal and civil penalties. Carlux Limousine & Services reserves the right to reject any abnormal prolongation or made in bad faith.

Article 7 – The Return of Vehicle

The Tenant is responsible for the vehicle until the recovery agent Carlux Limousine & Services, which will be the term of the lease.

The vehicle must be returned to the same place during the normal business hours of rental. Otherwise, the Lessee shall pay to Lessor a mileage allowance or a lump sum specified in the applicable rate per kilometer between the departure station of the vehicle that was left.

Article 8 – Are Dues

The Tenant agrees to pay to the Lessor at the end of the rental and return the vehicle performed:

1 – A charge « mileage » calculated at the rate specified for the number of kilometers traveled by said vehicle during the term of the lease, following the indication of the meter installed by the manufacturer. In case of failure of the operation of the odometer, it is the customer immediately notify the Lessor under penalty 500km/jour be charged to rental rate.

2 – Charges for the rental period, and if requested by the Tenant the amount of the waiver of payment of certain damages in case of collision, and the premiums for the medical and mechanical warranty, the driver and passengers.

3 – The fee for additional repatriation of the vehicle if it is left in a different location than expected without the consent of Lessor.

4 – All taxes and direct or indirect contributions payable on royalties, bonuses, allowances and expenses referred to in paragraphs 1, 2, 3.

5 – All fines, costs and expenses, and taxes on all offenses relating to traffic, parking, applicable during the term of this contract, subject however to offenses that result from a lack incumbent upon rental.

6 – The costs incurred by the Lessor for the repair of damage due to collision or other damage to that vehicle, however, that the responsibility of

Tenant, and provided it has strictly complied with all the terms and conditions of this contract shall be limited to the maximum amount indicated in the franchise rate.

* Repairs damage below the deductible indicated in the Special Conditions shall be determined on the basis of an estimate prepared by an independent coachbuilder approved by Carlux Limousine & Services.

Article 9 – Insurance

Only the Tenant and approved by Carlux Limousine drivers & Services, in accordance with Article 5, may avail themselves of the quality guaranteed. Whatever the nature of the insurance in case of theft, fire or accident without charge or identified third party, the responsibility of the Tenant is committed to competing franchises (non-redeemable) corresponding to the type of vehicle rented.

If a third party is identified and its responsibility is clearly established, this franchise will be refunded in proportion to the remaining liability to the Tenant.

1 – The Tenant and Tenant any notice authorized therefore committed to participate as an insured benefit automobile insurance policy a copy of which is available to the tenant at the principal office of the Lessor. This one covers unlimited damages against third parties following the regulations in force in the country where the vehicle is registered.

2 – The Tenant gives the lease agreement said the police and agrees to comply with the terms and conditions. In addition, the Tenant agrees to take all necessary measures to protect the interests of Lessor and Lessor’s insurance company in case of accident during the term of this contract, including:

* Declare the renter within 24 hours of any accident, theft or fire and immediately alert the police authorities for any theft or injury,

* Mention in the statement of claim particularly the circumstances, the names and addresses of any witnesses, the name and address of the insurance company of the party, and the number of police

* Attach this statement any report of police, gendarmerie, receipt of statement of complaint etc ….

* Does not discuss any responsibility or treaty or compromise with third parties to the accident

* Do not abandon the said vehicle without caring for its safeguarding and security.

3 – In case of accident with damage to the vehicle resulting from a collision with a third, fixed or mobile, a deductible will be the rate in force at the expense of the tenant. The non-delivery within 24 hours of an accident report or an accident report will be invoiced total repairs resulting from accidents. However, even if the tenant agrees to pay for the additional reduction franchise, he will be responsible for all damage to the upper parts of the body as a result of an impact against a fixed (bridge, tunnel, porch, branches ‘overhanging trees and other objects). It is also for damage to the body and mechanical parts underneath the vehicle (front, oil pan etc …)

4 – Carlux Limousine Services & Declines all liability for any loss or damage to any property and any values ​​transported and left in or on said vehicle after its return.

5 – Tenant legal custody of the vehicle under section 1384 of the Civil Code and undertakes to keep locked when not in use. In case of theft is covered by the rental company’s insurance subject to the conditions in paragraph « 2 » of Article 7 of these terms and condition of return of the keys and documents of the vehicle and Certificate complaint for theft issued by the competent authorities. In case of theft, a formal declaration of theft (police record) must be submitted to the agency « CARLUX » with the components of the alarm and the car keys. If these conditions are not met, the Tenant will be held responsible and charged for the full value of the vehicle increased capital costs as determined by an expert as well as fees.

6 – The vehicle is insured for the duration of the lease. After this time, and unless an extension is granted, the Lessor disclaims any liability for accidents that

Tenant may have caused and which he will be personally responsible.

Article 10 – An Inability or Breach of Contract

Under no circumstances, the Tenant shall have no claim for damages or for delay in delivery of the vehicle or for cancellation of the lease or capital in the case of breakdowns or repairs made during the rental. Non-compliance by the Tenant lease terms will result in termination of the tenancy, without prejudice to any damages that might be, if any, claimed by the Lessor.

In case of dispute relating to the execution of this contract, the courts of the city of Carlux Limousine & Services Company shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Article 11 – Cancellation policy

– 72 hours before the service: toll

– From 72 to 48 hours before the event: 15% of the total price of the requested service

– From 48 to 24 hours before the event: 50% of the total price of the requested service

– 24 hours before delivery: 100% of total price of the requested service

The company Carlux Limousine & Services reserves the right to modify cancellation policy according to the size and nature of the service booked.